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11 Dec. 21

7 Feng Shui tips for a more fertile home

On today’s page, we will learn 7 Feng shui tips that we should not apply to make our homes more fertile and peaceful. You will see that many of them are things that we already apply, perhaps instinctively, and some of them are the kind of advice that we will find very logical when we learn why, and wonder why we didn’t think of it until now. Let’s not forget that feng shui is not a magical concept that will create miracles, but some decoration rules based on reason and logic that make our eyes and mood more comfortable in the place we live in.

What is Feng shui with 7 tips?

1) Get rid of unnecessary items

This is perhaps the most important advice of the Fenk Shui philosophy. Get rid of all the furniture and accessories that you no longer use, need, broken, broken or not working properly. Items that take up space in your home even when not in use prevent/reduce innovation and renewal. Give way to the old so that there is room for the new.

2) The entrance of the house should be inviting, it should give peace

The entrance hall of the house is the area that gives us an idea about the house and creates the first impression, and this area must be clean and well-maintained. We need to create an entrance that makes people want to enter, that is, inviting. According to the feng shui decoration style, there should be no mirror or glass directly opposite the entrance door, because if they do, the incoming energy will return before it enters the house. Something decorative should be hung on the door or on the edge of the door that those who come to see and feel positive before entering. A protective talisman such as an evil eye bead, an elephant image, dried pepper, and dried pumpkin should be hung in a place that can be seen as soon as you enter the door. Private places such as the dining table and bedroom should not be seen from the entrance of the house. In addition, the clock should not be seen when entering the house for the first time, as it is thought to cause uneasiness.
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3) Use colors suitable for every space
In the living room, many different colors should be together, not a single color. The living room is a social space and it is thought that the colors in this space add color to people’s lives. Your spaces should have the colors of the five elements. In particular, there must be at least one red object. (Fire; red-orange, earth; shades of brown, wood; shades of green, water: shades of blue, metal; metallic colors such as silver-gold or directly the metal itself). For more details, you can take a look at our article titled ‘8 Feng Shui Colors You Should Have in Your Home’.

4) Keep the kitchen tidy but have food outside

The kitchen should always be clean and tidy. Since it is thought to bring abundance to the kitchen, there should be foods that will not spoil, for example on the table or on the counter. These are fruits in a bowl, snacks, visibly dry foods in glass jars, cereals, pickles, etc. it could be.

5) There should be a mirror near the dining table

According to feng shui, the mirror hung above the dining table is thought to increase the fertility of the table. Just like in the kitchen, placing a bowl of fruit or dried food on the dining table is thought to increase fertility. Fruits such as pomegranate and quince can be chosen as fruits, which are believed to increase fertility in Anatolian culture and can last for a long time in the open.

6) There is no room for a mirror, TV and clock in the bedroom!

According to feng shui, the bedroom is only for sleeping and making love, so there should be no items in the bedroom other than the bed and maybe nightstands. For this reason, wardrobes should also be located in another room. According to feng shui, the mirror in the bedroom distracts and invites other people to bed, thus bringing infidelity. For this reason, mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom, if you have to put wardrobes and mirrors, they should be positioned so that they cannot be seen directly from the bed.
– Minimal design
Television should not be in the bedroom as it will disrupt bilateral relations and peaceful sleep. Clock is the most difficult rule to apply, I think. The clock brings haste rather than tranquility to the bedroom, so it should not be in this place.

7) Doors and toilet seats should always be closed.

The bathroom, like the kitchen, should always be tidy and clean. The bathroom door and toilet lid must be kept closed at all times, otherwise it will cause a decrease in vital Chi, that is, energy loss will occur.