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11 Dec. 21

How to Repair Faucet at Home?

If your faucet is constantly dripping water, it jams when you turn it on and off, and you are looking for a solution on how to repair the faucet, you can do the repair yourself with the practical solutions prepared for you. In some cases, replacing the faucet gasket will definitely solve the problem, while in some cases, it may be necessary to completely replace the faucet set to solve the problem in the long term. When faced with these situations, here are the things you should do for both;
Before starting the gasket part replacement or new faucet installation process, first close both your home’s main water inlet valve and the valve under the faucet in question. After closing the valve, open the tap and make sure that the remaining water flows completely.
Broken Tap
Remove the cover of the faucet with a suitable screwdriver. Opening the cover may take time as the faucet is already problematic, but patiently and without damaging it (with small strokes if necessary), pull it towards you without applying too much force and remove the cover of the faucet.
The next step is to remove the yellow brass colored piece called the packing. You will probably need a key 17 for this. When we turn the key and remove the part, the visible part will be the gasket.
When we remove the gasket in front of us with the help of a screwdriver, we are halfway through the process. After that, you can put the newly purchased gasket and do these operations in reverse order to restore the faucet.
After performing the above mentioned valve closing process in the same way, loosen the part indicating the cold-hot (blue-red) watermark with a screwdriver and pull it towards you. Since on-off batteries are sensitive, we recommend you to be more careful with the faucet.
Then use a wrench to remove the nut piece that comes off.
Then you will see the part called the battery cartridge. If you bought the part that is suitable for the on-off battery, the new part you already have will be the same.
Place the new part, do these operations in reverse and open your valve.
Finally, check if the problem has been fixed or not.
In cases where the problem is changing the faucet, besides the wrench and screwdriver, a thin strip called Teflon and a faucet head suitable for the faucet are needed.
In this case, it is necessary to completely remove the tap head with a wrench.
After wrapping the thin strip (Teflon) around the new faucet head you have supplied, replace it exactly and fix it with a screwdriver.
After opening the valve and waiting for a short time, your faucet starts to work as it should, unless there is a problem that is big enough to require professional service.
These mentioned methods may not always solve the problem encountered. While your faucet may be a problem when you open and close it, it can be a problem that bothers you, while taps that constantly drip water can cause threats such as raids when you are not at home or at work.
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