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11 Dec. 21

When Should Combi Core Cleaning Be Done? How long should the boiler maintenance take?

Combi, heater core cleaning process, in fact, is directly related to the use of the combi and heater cores. As it is known, it is aimed to provide ambient temperature by operating the combi boiler in winter mode in winter months.
As the water inside the heater cores heats up, the condensation of the water in the installation due to the heat and getting to a dirty water consistency prevents this dirty and condensed water from circulating easily in the heater core pores. This is the subject, which is often mentioned among the people. The top of the heater core is fine, but the bottom is cold. It is recommended that the heater core cleaning process be done with a combi cleaning machine, usually at intervals of two years. However, as I mentioned above, it totally depends on usage.
Why Should Combi Boiler Cleaning and Maintenance Be Done?
Many people say from time to time that their boiler stops working on its own or that their heater does not heat up enough. There may even be those who claim that the heater cores in the combi boiler set at 50°C are at most 35°C. One of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of necessary maintenance and cleaning.
If the necessary maintenance is not done, the boiler and heating system will decrease the working performance. Combi boilers are really sensitive devices. The combi boiler, which distributes the water it heats by burning natural gas in the installation and has to maintain a certain pressure, will definitely cause problems when it starts to get old. To prevent this, you should have maintenance done every six months.
In order for the boiler and the installation to work efficiently and to have a long life, it must be periodically maintained.
When should periodic boiler maintenance be done?
At least once a year, in the fall or in the early summer months, you should have the combi boilers serviced by combi boiler service companies by expert and certified teams for six months.
Combi Boilers That Have Not Been Maintained
The efficiency of the combi boiler and the installation, which is not maintained, decreases and its lifespan is reduced. Combi boiler with reduced efficiency consumes more natural gas and heats your home less. This will come back to you as an increase in natural gas bills.
Before operating the boiler and installation that has not been operated for a long time, maintenance must be done and it must be ensured that the parts fulfill their duties.
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Matters to be Considered in Periodic Boiler Maintenance!
The team that comes for the periodic boiler maintenance will first give you brief information about what they will do during the Combi Maintenance, and then they should check the operating efficiency of the boiler with a hot water and central heating system heating test without opening the cover of the boiler.
Attention! Never interfere with the natural gas appliances in your living space yourself, leave this to the knowledge of an expert team. Otherwise, you risk your life.
Procedures Performed During Periodic Combi Maintenance
• The water tightness of the boiler is checked.
• The entire combi boiler is checked for pollution.
• Safety check is done
• The gas cut-off function of the automatic ignition is tested.
• Chimney draft and chimney sensor function tests are performed in chimney devices.
• Pre-burning setting, gas settings under partial power and full power are controlled.
• Burner and combustion control of the combi boiler is made.
• The heating and hot water production functions of the boiler are controlled.
• The first heat exchanger is checked.
• The electronic components of the combi boiler are checked.
• The strainers in the heater and hot water line are cleaned.
• Water switch filter is checked.
• Filter cleaning is carried out.
• Water flow settings are checked.
Chimney Combi Boilers
• Chimney limit sensor is checked.
• The draft status of the chimney is checked.
• In Condensing Boilers
• Condensation water tank is cleaned.
• The sludge separator filter in the direction of the heating flow line is cleaned.